Everyone deserves to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.
Warranties are indicators of confidence in delivered services and indicator of clients' trust to our clinic.
We provide services in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law and regulatory acts of the Russian Federation.
The warranty period is the period when the clinic undertakes to correct defects at the request of the patient if there were any discovered. In case a patient follows the timetable of free examinations, professional oral hygiene we provide 5-year gwarranty for some kind of dental services.

The clinic does not have the right to guarantee a 100% result of the service, but it has the right to establish a warranty period for treatment part or component, for example, a crown or dental filling.

The warranty period includes:
- Chipping of restoration
- Loss of restoration (or filling)

The warranty period does NOT include:
  1. Pulpitis and periodontitis.
  2. Color change of the filling because of coloring products, strong coffee or cigarettes.
  3. The treatment need because of tooth chipping.
  4. Oral traumas.
  5. The need to replace filling for medical reasons.
  6. The development of secondary decay.
  7. The development of decay in the treated tooth regardless its localization.
Warranty terms
  1. An obligatory professional hygiene once in 6 months .
  2. Following the timetable of preventive events such as free examinations once in 6 months
  3. Necessary usage of oral care products recommended by a doctor.
Warranty shortage cases
  1. Chronic problems in oral cavity.
  2. Chronic somatic diseases such as sugar disease and others.
Only obligatory warranties cases
  1. If a patient declines the proposed treatment (indirect crown restoration) and follow the other treatment way different from the effective one (composite filling).
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