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Unique system of teeth restoration
  • High precision restoration manufacturing due to digital computer technology;
  • Patient has a chance to see how restoration is designed;
  • We save time and money of our patients reducing numbers of visits and manipulations. There is no longer any need to take impressions, wait for their laboratory production to make crowns;
  • We ensure the ideal articulation of surfaces after prosthesis;
  • We use only ceramics that is perfectly compatible with adamantine substance of the tooth;
  • The long vitality and aesthetics.

Restoration procedure
Scanning. Contrasting powder or spray is applied to the dried teeth for scanning. The special camera takes many pictures of the tooth and jaws. According to these pictures an optical impression is created.
Positioning. Using special computer software a dentist make the ceramics micro denture based on individual tooth morphology. The design is implemented with 12-time zoom, that is why the tooth model is precisely accurate. Patient may see the design process on the computer screen.
Milling. Based on the model the device mills the denture. Manufacturing process is very accurate, so you do not need additional fitting.
Sintering and glazing. Sintering is a process when zirconium dioxide become strength and transparent. After fitting the micro denture is sintered in the kiln CEREC SpeedFire.
Installation. Installation of the denture using adhesive fixing materials.

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